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List of characters available to buy

On our server, there is the possibility of buying a character unused for a long time. This is an ideal option for people, who do not have too much time to gain experience and want to start playing on our server, but they are too frightened by the characters high levels.
The character is bought with all the items he / she has (in DEPO or on himself) and the house if he has one.
After purchasing the character, you can change the name in the sms shop.
Players who have not logged into the game for the last month reach the list below.
If your character hit the list of characters to buy (below), and would like to be removed from it - just log in to the game!
Hurry up, however, because if someone already purchases your character, there is no possibility of returning it!

To buy a character you must be login click "select".
Name Level Profession Cost
Crasher 330 Paladin 300 points Select
Retroxeder 314 Knight 300 points Select
Ailasdao 311 Paladin 300 points Select
Kaws 307 Knight 300 points Select
Wale Wiadro Gosciu 304 Knight 300 points Select
Camp Fire 304 Knight 300 points Select
Babidi 294 Knight 250 points Select
Drewnioszek 288 Paladin 250 points Select
Tradbill 248 Mage 200 points Select
Cichociemny 247 Knight 200 points Select
Qlimax 235 Mage 200 points Select
Jawcio 228 Mage 200 points Select
Dakhu 222 Paladin 200 points Select
Roholek 220 Knight 200 points Select
Fokin Balbo 219 Paladin 200 points Select
Rpk 216 Knight 200 points Select
Welon 214 Knight 200 points Select
Miciu 205 Paladin 200 points Select
Old Stork 203 Knight 200 points Select
Waxxior 203 Knight 200 points Select
Ratlex 202 Paladin 200 points Select
Ten Toja 200 Paladin 150 points Select
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